To increase quality & performance and renew the technologies at existing plants “Egesim” provides site investigation, engineering works, design, production-supply, commissioning and after-sales support services.

Complete or partial modernization of a plant is possible.

For old systems, taken out of production, or devices, systems & its spare parts, which cannot be served, supported, experienced “Egesim”s supervisors design compatible with the plant infrastructure electric & automation systems with new technological products and develop & commission automation applications software.

Our company provides SIEMENS SIMATIC S5 / S7 transformation services for different sectors. Solutions, based on old SIEMENS S5 automation systems, are transformed into new generation SIEMENS S7 300 / S7 400 based systems. The services, offered in this case, are as follows:

– Transformation of S5 regulation system in arc & ladle furnaces into PC + S7 400 based system solution,
– Annealing furnace S5 / S7 transformations,
– Packing plants S5 / S7 transformations,
– Complete software, panel modifications, installation & cabling transformation,
– Paper machine and converting systems S5 / S7 döntransformation.

“Egesim” has successfully carried out many retrofit applications. Panel modifications, software revisions & adaptation operations for different sectors can be performed with retrofit applications the best.

– Arc & ladle furnace system renovation with retrofit applications,
– Electrical renovation of crane systems (Panel modification and revision operations),
– Press renovation operations, including panel revisions, cabling & special security systems additions, software,
– Rolling mill electrical revisions,
– Special process software operations and additions paper machine (WinCC & PCS7 based),
– Appropriate software modification and additional panel modifications & adoptation for treatment facilities,
– Finding necessary solutions for new systems.