DC Drive Panels

We produce DC Drive Panels, which design completely belongs to “Egesim”, with 1 department or 4 departments, power up to 690V / 3000A.

These DC Drives are used especially in Iron & Steel plants for rolling mill & scissors motors.

Siemens Simoreg CM is used as a trigger module. If required, 6RA70 & 6RA80 types Siemens DC Drives can be used and interconnected. The control module can be supported by special technological cards.

With energy saving function the fan of the panel is stopped, when it is out of operation. Because of programmable input & output of DC Drives, the system temperature and motor temperature characteristics are always under control.

Due to Simoreg CM, system revisions can be carried out by changing only power units. That’s why, price optimization is possible. DC Drive Panels are designed, according to customers’ demand.

Siemens Sivacon S8, Siemens 8PU152 can be produced with Siemens Simoreg CM, 6RA70, 6RA80 series and Sinamics DC Master types of DC Drives, if required. We can also produce panels of EAE & Rittal brands.

Siemens DC Drives, supported by Profibus & Profinet options, have all possibilities of intercommunications.