Vishay Condensator

VISHAY LOW VOLTAGE POWER CONDENSATORS * 1-phased and 3-phased Faz Connected 50Hz MKP Type – Dry Type Cylindrical Bulky – Wide Voltage Choice between 400 – 525 Volt – Different Power Choice between 2,5 – 60 kVar VISHAY MEDIUM VOLTAGE POWER CONDENSATORS *1-phased MV Condensators – From 1 kV to 24 kV – From 20 […]

Rigel Motor

Rigel Electric Motors – Squirrel-cage 3-phased Asynchronous Electric Motors, – Iron Casting Block, – Double Grease Nipple, – IEC 80 400 Block, IP55, F Insulation Class, EFF1-EFF2 Productivity, – Wide product range between 0,37-630kW.

Prysmian Cable

Prysmian Cable *LV Power Cables – XLPE, NYA, NYAF, NYY etc. Power cables, – Data Cables, – Special for a sector type of cables, – Fire-proof cables.

Siemens Products

Siemens Automation Products *Siemens PLC & Automation Products – LOGO, S71200 – Simatic S7 300, S7 400, S71500 * Siemens HMI Products – Simatic OP, TP, KTP Operator Panels Siemens AC / DC Speed Control Products * Sinamics Speed Control Devices – G120, G120C, V20 * Micromaster Speed Control Devices – MM420, MM430, MM440 * […]

Special Services For Iron & Steel

For melt shops and rolling mills “Egesim” provides electric and automation systems as well as for the following products & systems: – Arc & ladle furnaces for electrode control systems, – Electromagnetic mixer, drive & automation systems for foundry machinery, – Water-cooled high current cables, – Modernization. Electrode Control Systems Electrode control systems are automation […]

Installation & Commissioning

Installation and Commissioning Services For solutions supplied for different sectors our company provides services of installation, commissioning & supervision. For LV / MV solutions the following services are offered: – Complete panel installation & field services, – Complete installation of cable trays, – Complete cabling of the system, – Field engineering & construction services, – […]


To increase quality & performance and renew the technologies at existing plants “Egesim” provides site investigation, engineering works, design, production-supply, commissioning and after-sales support services. Complete or partial modernization of a plant is possible. For old systems, taken out of production, or devices, systems & its spare parts, which cannot be served, supported, experienced “Egesim”s […]

SIMARC Regulation

One of “Egesim” products SIMARC is a computer-based system of automation hardware & software, which performs a function of electrode control in electric arc furnaces. It can be used in hydraulic or motor driven electrode systems. In real time it measures secondary current & voltage values of Arc Furnace transformer, calculates impedance values for every […]

3D Scada Applications

Group of companies “Egesim”, as “SIEMENS Solution Partner” performs industrial automation projects, offering the following equipment: Automation Control Systems, – Simatic PLC, – Industrial communication systems, – Simatic NET Network systems, – Man-machine programming interface software (HMI), – Industrial SCADA software Win CC & PCS7. In this area data visualization in process automation systems is […]

Static Var Compansation

SVC is the abbriviation for Static Var Compensation. In other words, SVC is Compensation, which is made with Static switching. Static switching is made with thyristors. SVC system is necessary for systems, with changing in short range load. For example, for energy quality on a chemical plant with constantly changing load, but generally remaining on […]