Start-up Panels for Medium Voltage Motors

7,2 kV and 12 kV Compressor Motors Start-up with Autotransformer The aim of sturt-up process with autotransformer is to decrease current, withdrawn from the network during start-up, thus preventing excessive voltage drops in connected with the motor network and avoiding influence of these excessive voltage drops on other motor & devices. Start-up is performed in […]

RC Filter & Surge Arrester Systems

RC Filter & Surge Arrester Protection Circuits To protect transformers and other electrical equipment of the line from surge voltage it is necessary to install RC & Surge Arrester circuits. For connecting & disconnecting for 50-100 times a day transformers of Electrical Arc Furnace (EAF) & Ladle Furnace (LF), especially, if a vacuum circuit breaker […]

Special MV Panels for Electrical Arc & Ladle Furnaces Transformers

Medium Voltage Cubicles with Vacuum Circuit Breakers for Cupola Furnaces Control Designed for control of Cupola Furnace transformers, panels with Vaccum Circuit Breaker, with voltage 36 kV – 40,5 kV, current capacity 1250A – 4000A prevent overvoltage, which can damage equipment in the furnace feeding line. In the inputs of this system a voltage transformer, […]

8ME – Metal Enclosed 36 kV Withdrawable MV Panels

8ME Metal Enclosed Medium Voltage Panels – 36 kV We produce panels of 8ME-36R1 series for use in distribution systems till 36 kV, industrial plants, complied with international standards IEC 6271-200, with type test certificates. This panel consists of distributed Metal Enclosed air insulated units with withdrawable vacuum switching element. It provides long time high […]

8MC-Metal Clad 12-36 kV Withdrawable MV Panels

8MC Metal Clad Medium Voltage Panels 12 – 36 kV Distributed withdrawable Metal Clad panels, produced with Vacuum Circuit Breaker, designed due to IEC 6271-200 international standards, with type test certificates are used for Medium Voltage Distribution Systems of industrial plants. Metal Clad cubicle structure consists of 4 divided from each other flameproof compartments. It […]