Drive – MCC – PLC Panels

Drive Panels Our company products suitable drive panels for any applications & drive systems in different sectors. Some of our standard applications: – Drive panels for fan & pump systems (400V, Micromaster & Sinamics G120, PM230 and PM240), – Drive panels for compressors (400V, Micromaster & Sinamics G120), – Crusher drive panels for mining plants […]

Compensation Systems

In energy distribution systems there is an extreme danger of fault in electrical and electronical systems (electrical equipment, computers, telephone lines, alarm systems etc.), caused by harmonics, needed by voltage changes and involved into process thyristor trigger devices (AC/DC Speed Control devices, Softstarters, UPS etc.) and all kinds of welding machines. These harmonics are current […]

Alfa, Sicube, 8PU 152 Distributional Panels

“Alpha” Panels Distribution Panels “Alpha”, which are module designed and comprise wall-mounted type “Alpha 125” up to 125A, wall-mounted type “Alpha 630” up to 630A and standing type distribution panels, represent simple and complex solutions. Protection class IP30/IP43/IP55. “Sicube” Panels Siemens 8MT Sicube Panels with a solid frame, practical design and attractive exterior are used […]