DC Drive Panels

We produce DC Drive Panels, which design completely belongs to “Egesim”, with 1 department or 4 departments, power up to 690V / 3000A. These DC Drives are used especially in Iron & Steel plants for rolling mill & scissors motors. Siemens Simoreg CM is used as a trigger module. If required, 6RA70 & 6RA80 types […]

Data Tracing Systems

Data, taken from distributed I/O modules, field operator panels and other automation systems and transferred to alike systems, are arranged on SCADA screen with functions of display, formula reporting & archiving of the necessary information. If requested, the data analysis can be performed graphically. Besides, solutions with special options and software can be found for […]

HMI Scada and OP Applications

We offer many alternatives of Siemens brand for one of the most fundamental elements of an automation system – man-machine interface. In automation systems in control rooms, considered as main centres, redundant server/client structures can be installed both with industrial PC and with some cheaper solution. Besides, remote users can be connected with the main […]

Distributed IQ Systems

Distributed Input/Output modules are often used in plants without central management and mechanical sequencing. In local plants, after collecting all data from motor accessories, local boxes & field instruments panels, consisted of I/Q modules are made. These modules are intercommunicate with main PLC (CPU) through Profibus of Profinet lines. Depending on the distance or route […]

PLC Systems

Since its foundation “EGESIM” has dealt with all kinds of industrial automation; we have successfully realized specific automation projects in Energy, Paper, Iron & Steel, Cement, Mining and many other industries. According to the needs of the sector and the project, we choose the most optimum products, by this we both provide necessary for processes […]

MV LV Energy Monitoring Systems

Energy monitoring and operating systems in transformer substations & MV swithgear plants appear to be not only wide-used solutions, but also the way, preferred in order of energy economizing & increase of productivity. Energy monitoring and operating systems by instant monitoring of flow, protection relay, data in energy analyzer, positions of circuit-breaker, disconnector & similar […]

Medium Voltage Harmonic Filter Systems

Medium Voltage Harmonic Filter Systems In a plant with harmonics and not very wide range of load changing, MV filters are used in MV (Medium Voltage) line. These systems reduce harmonics and supply reactive energy compensation. MV filters, which are commissioned according to the factory as automatic/manual, can be controlled by Reactive Energy Relay. In […]

Static Var Compensation

SVC is the abbriviation for Static Var Compensation. In other words, SVC is Compensation, which is made with Static switching. Static switching is made with thyristors. SVC system is necessary for systems, with changing in short range load. For example, for energy quality on a chemical plant with constantly changing load, but generally remaining on […]

High Voltage Distribution Systems

HIGH VOLTAGE PLANTS “Egesim” supplies 52kV, 132kV, 154kV, 220kV transformers & High Voltage switchgear plants and control-protection of these plants. In such cases, at first research of a plant is done. On the ground of the research we perform projecting & calculation. High Voltage Switchgear Services: – Research & projecting, – Single-line diagram, – Projecting, […]

Start-up Panels for Medium Voltage Motors

7,2 kV and 12 kV Compressor Motors Start-up with Autotransformer The aim of sturt-up process with autotransformer is to decrease current, withdrawn from the network during start-up, thus preventing excessive voltage drops in connected with the motor network and avoiding influence of these excessive voltage drops on other motor & devices. Start-up is performed in […]

RC Filter & Surge Arrester Systems

RC Filter & Surge Arrester Protection Circuits To protect transformers and other electrical equipment of the line from surge voltage it is necessary to install RC & Surge Arrester circuits. For connecting & disconnecting for 50-100 times a day transformers of Electrical Arc Furnace (EAF) & Ladle Furnace (LF), especially, if a vacuum circuit breaker […]

Special MV Panels for Electrical Arc & Ladle Furnaces Transformers

Medium Voltage Cubicles with Vacuum Circuit Breakers for Cupola Furnaces Control Designed for control of Cupola Furnace transformers, panels with Vaccum Circuit Breaker, with voltage 36 kV – 40,5 kV, current capacity 1250A – 4000A prevent overvoltage, which can damage equipment in the furnace feeding line. In the inputs of this system a voltage transformer, […]

8ME – Metal Enclosed 36 kV Withdrawable MV Panels

8ME Metal Enclosed Medium Voltage Panels – 36 kV We produce panels of 8ME-36R1 series for use in distribution systems till 36 kV, industrial plants, complied with international standards IEC 6271-200, with type test certificates. This panel consists of distributed Metal Enclosed air insulated units with withdrawable vacuum switching element. It provides long time high […]

8MC-Metal Clad 12-36 kV Withdrawable MV Panels

8MC Metal Clad Medium Voltage Panels 12 – 36 kV Distributed withdrawable Metal Clad panels, produced with Vacuum Circuit Breaker, designed due to IEC 6271-200 international standards, with type test certificates are used for Medium Voltage Distribution Systems of industrial plants. Metal Clad cubicle structure consists of 4 divided from each other flameproof compartments. It […]

Drive – MCC – PLC Panels

Drive Panels Our company products suitable drive panels for any applications & drive systems in different sectors. Some of our standard applications: – Drive panels for fan & pump systems (400V, Micromaster & Sinamics G120, PM230 and PM240), – Drive panels for compressors (400V, Micromaster & Sinamics G120), – Crusher drive panels for mining plants […]

Compensation Systems

In energy distribution systems there is an extreme danger of fault in electrical and electronical systems (electrical equipment, computers, telephone lines, alarm systems etc.), caused by harmonics, needed by voltage changes and involved into process thyristor trigger devices (AC/DC Speed Control devices, Softstarters, UPS etc.) and all kinds of welding machines. These harmonics are current […]

Alfa, Sicube, 8PU 152 Distributional Panels

“Alpha” Panels Distribution Panels “Alpha”, which are module designed and comprise wall-mounted type “Alpha 125” up to 125A, wall-mounted type “Alpha 630” up to 630A and standing type distribution panels, represent simple and complex solutions. Protection class IP30/IP43/IP55. “Sicube” Panels Siemens 8MT Sicube Panels with a solid frame, practical design and attractive exterior are used […]


Since 1993 “Egesim” company has started production of Sivacon S4 panels to find economic solution for distributional system up to 4000A. Sivacon S4 can be used in any system because of its modular structure and mounting methods variety. We design panels in accordance with our customers’ reqirements, using licensed Siemens-Simaris programme. According to the data […]


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SIVACON S8 Withdrawable

Withdrawable Sivacon S8 In 2011 “Egesim” company became a partner of SIEMENS and won a title of the first withdrawable Sivacon panel partner in Turkey and, as a result, started production of withdrawable Sivacon S8 panels. GENERAL: These withdrawable panels with type test certificates are designed for motor control centres (MCC) and cable feeding outputs […]


In 2000 “Egesim” company became a partner of SIEMENS and won a title of the first Sivacon panel partner in Turkey and, as a result, started production of Sivacon panels. With experience, gained since 2000, our company accomplished many international projects. GENERAL: With maximum safety, withdrawable design & ideal solutions new generation Sivacon S8 panels […]