Egesim Geothermal

EGESIM & ATLAS COPCO have combined their many years of Experience, Expertise, Technologies and Innovations to provide the most efficient and productive solutions for the Geothermal Power Plants. ATLAS COPCO’s state of the art Inflow Radial Turbine Technology with variable Inlet Guide Vanes has been complemented by EGESIM’s ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) Optimization and famous […]


“Egesim” company has carried out many projects of process automation together with machine automation in such industries as Plastics industry, Food Industry and Automotive Supply Industry. As part of these projects, the following systems can be pointed out: – Automation of PVC calendar car, – Automation of gravure printing machine, – Automation of granulating machine, […]


“Egesim” company offers main electrical equipment and its installation for physical, chemical and industrial treatment facilities (scrapers, screens, aerators, mixing and drainage systems). We perform all kinds of electrical Works for treatment facilities: – Electrical systems for preparative and final sedimentation; – Automation of ventilation and blower systems; – Pump stations, sludge dewatering processes and […]


Cement industry, which holds a prominent place in the class of heavy industries , is, at the same time, one of the keystones of construction sector. “EGESIM” company has accomplished many elictrification projects in cement and ceramics industries, using high automation technologies, including turn-key elictrification projects. In particular: – Automation solutions and drive systems for […]


“Egesim” company offers special solutions for Chemical Processing plants. Turn-key projects, aimed at different processes, include following solutions and services: Automation of PVC dosing plants, Formula based automation of dosing and weighing, Automation of powder & liquid silo materials plants, Systems, used in different technical processes (mixers, sieves & spirals), Integration of granuling machine’s systems, […]


Using innovative technologies, “Egesim” company has performed many automation and electrification projects in Paper, Cardboard, Paperboard industries and their subsectors. For these industries “EGESİM”, as the Solution Partner of SIEMENS, provides services of projecting, production, engineering, installation & commissioning and also “turn-key” projects for MCC, PLC & Distribution Panels. Our company has successfully completed and […]


Group of companies “EGESIM” carries out turn-key projects of projecting, production, engineering, installation & commissioning of Medium Voltage, Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, MCC panels and automation systems in mining plants. Copper, zinc, chrome, pearlite, nickel, magnesite, iron, brown coal, quartz etc. undergo a wide range of consequential operations of production and enrichment. That’s why it […]


Group of companies “Egesim” carries out turn-key projects, that is projecting, production, engineering and commissioning, of electrical, Medium Voltage, Low Voltage and automation systems for energy industry: geothermal power stations, windpower stations, hydroelectric stations, natural gas combined cycle plants, thermal power stations and cogeneration plants. For geothermal power stations we offer the following services: Automation […]


For Iron Steel Industry “Egesim” offers solutions in projecting of electrical systems and turn-key automation systems, and also modernization of existing objects. “Egesim”, as SIEMENS Solution Partner, provides a wide range of services for iron and steel plants and rolling mills, as follows: projecting, production, supply, installation, commissioning and after sales maintenance of all LV […]