Special Services For Iron & Steel

For melt shops and rolling mills “Egesim” provides electric and automation systems as well as for the following products & systems:
– Arc & ladle furnaces for electrode control systems,
– Electromagnetic mixer, drive & automation systems for foundry machinery,
– Water-cooled high current cables,
– Modernization.

Electrode Control Systems

Electrode control systems are automation solutions, which appear to be applications software for 3-phased AC arc and ladle furnaces, developed by “Egesim”, integrated into computer and Siemens Simatic S7 PLC technologies, used for high performance and productivity.

Electrode control systems work compatibly with hydraulic or motor drive electrode devices. Because of applications software, working synchronously on computers and PLC for arc furnace, any of two controllers can be chosen in real time and in production process, whichever position you choose, control function can be given to both of the controllers.

Electromagnetic Mixer Systems

Electromagnetic Mixer Systems in continuously casting machines are used to supply homogen mold in steel, to remove gas pockets and pinholes, to provide reduction of unwanted substances on the surface & under it, to provide equiaxial hardening, reduction of inner cracks, reduction of segregation formations in centre line, reduction of porous formation in the centre.

This Electromagnetic mixer system is basically consists of the following units:

– Electromagnetic mixer
– MCC panel with adjustable current-frequence drives
– Water-colled system
– Control system

“Egesim” uses Siemens standard Sinamics and Micromaster speed control drives as adjustable current-frequence drives.

Electromagnetic Mixer Systems, which have been already installed, can be also used for continuously casting machines. Within this scope, the current Electromagnetic Mixer Systems can be renewed and they also can be installed in foundry machinery. Taking into consideration the quality of produced and planned to be produced steel, the dimensions & structure of the foundry machine, we determine the needs and design Electromagnetic Mixer System.

Water-Cooled High Current Cables

Water-cooled High Current Cables are compatible with ambient conditions of the melt shop cables, with resistance characteristics, produced specially according to arc & ladle furnaces design. These cables are produced in Egesim Gebze factory by Egesim brand, using our experience & knowledge.

– Special water-cooled high current cables for arc and ladle furnaces,
– Long service life because of a special mechanical construction and an appropriate water-cooled system,
– Pressed copper cores,
– Secondary cables with rotary & fixed cores,
– Extensive electrical and mechanical tests,
– Possibility of secondary cables repair & revision,
– Large reference list