Special MV Panels for Electrical Arc & Ladle Furnaces Transformers

Medium Voltage Cubicles with Vacuum Circuit Breakers for Cupola Furnaces Control

Designed for control of Cupola Furnace transformers, panels with Vaccum Circuit Breaker, with voltage 36 kV – 40,5 kV, current capacity 1250A – 4000A prevent overvoltage, which can damage equipment in the furnace feeding line.

In the inputs of this system a voltage transformer, a disconnector with motor or manual control, a current transformer, a vacuum circuit breaker, an earthing disconnector, protection & control devices are used.

Vacuum Circuit Breakers, used in this system for Casting furnaces have advanced long time on-off service life.

Mechanical service life of the circuit breaker is 30.000 mechanical switching operations, which can be prolonged to 60.000, if after every 10.000 switching, service is maintained.

After every 30.000 switching the poles of the circuit breaker must be changed.

It provides long time high performance due to vacuum circuit breaker technology.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker do not need any special maintanance. In case of very hard work of Arc Furnaces, a simple maintanance is recommended.

Principle Diagram of Cupola Furnaces Control Cubicles