SIVACON S8 Withdrawable

Withdrawable Sivacon S8
In 2011 “Egesim” company became a partner of SIEMENS and won a title of the first withdrawable Sivacon panel partner in Turkey and, as a result, started production of withdrawable Sivacon S8 panels.

These withdrawable panels with type test certificates are designed for motor control centres (MCC) and cable feeding outputs (for switch). Withdrawable panels appear to be a standard solution for motor control centres (MCC). New generation Sivacon S8 panels with type test certificate (TTA), inner classification of form 3b & form 4b, from IP30 till IP54 and up to 7000A are excellent solutions for residential & industrial buildings.

Because of withdrawable motor protection and cable feeding design, these panels perform maximum operational safety & operating convenience. With withdrawable unit principle, quick replacement & new adaptation are easy and possible. Therefore, individual modules can be easily & quickly changed. When a panel is under voltage, replacement can be performed by putting mechanical locks of the withdrawable unit into test positions. That’s why operating is not interrupted.

– Standard solution, wide motor power interval,
– Many motor starter applications, easy & safe usage,
– Possibility of withdrawable units replacement without deenergizing of the main busbar, high usability,
– Solid & safe mechanical locks,
– Maximum operational safety with type test certificate (TTA), personnel safety with inner arc & arc barriers,
– Classification of form 3b & form 4b, installation convenience, flexibility & expandability because of modular structure,
– High quality industrial design,
– Variable busbar position,
– Space saving with double- sided (dual front) design,
– Withdrawable design of Sivacon offers optimal solutions for the following applications:
– Direct On-line (DOL), forward-backward (R-DOL), star-delta, softstarter up to 250 KW motor starting,
– Cable feding (switch) output to 630A,
– Putting the withdrawable unit in a test position in order to guarantee safety, the main busbar coating can be covered by a shutter vehicle. So while the withdrawable unit is out, the main busbars are not touched.