RC Filter & Surge Arrester Systems

RC Filter & Surge Arrester Protection Circuits

To protect transformers and other electrical equipment of the line from surge voltage it is necessary to install RC & Surge Arrester circuits. For connecting & disconnecting for 50-100 times a day transformers of Electrical Arc Furnace (EAF) & Ladle Furnace (LF), especially, if a vacuum circuit breaker is used, it is certainly necessary to install RC and additionally surge arrester set. The purpose for it is to restrict over voltage, appearing because of magnetic current, during EAF & LF circuit breakers cut-off.

At the same time RC & Surge Arrester systems in case of a fault in secondary transformers restrict Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV) and protect the transformer & other equipment.

Some of Our RC-Surge Arrester Circuits in use:

1) Kurum Iron & Steel, EAF, LF, 2005

2)  Izmir Iron & Steel, EAF ve LF, 2007

3)  Cer Steel, Izmir, EAF, LF, 2007

4)  Jordan Meltshop, EAF, LF, 2008

5)  Türkmenistan Steel, EAF & LF, 2009

6)  Kumas Magnasite,  LF, 2009

7)  Azerbaidjan Meltshop, EAF, 2010

8)  Toscelik, Osmaniye, EAF, LF, 2010

9)  Kardemir, Karabuk,  LF, 2011

10) Iraq Meltshop, EAF, LF,  2012

11)  Algeria Meltshop, EAF-LF, 2012

12)  Russia Meltshop, EAF-LF, 2013

13)  Oman Meltshop, EAF,LF, 2013

14)  Yesilyurt Iron & Steel, Samsun,  EAF, Switchgear TR, 2013