Group of companies “Egesim” carries out turn-key projects, that is projecting, production, engineering and commissioning, of electrical, Medium Voltage, Low Voltage and automation systems for energy industry: geothermal power stations, windpower stations, hydroelectric stations, natural gas combined cycle plants, thermal power stations and cogeneration plants.

For geothermal power stations we offer the following services:

  • Automation of energy production control (reports, energy monitoring, well head and reinjection systems, fire extinguishing systems etc.);
  • PLC systems and energy SCADA software (PCS-7 / STEP-7) with redundant configurations;
  • Automation of plant control (control and monitoring of booster and feding pumps, valves, instrumentation, dosing motors);
  • Fiber-optic substructure for communication between stations;
  • Supply of process intstrumentation and engineering services;
  • Integration of vapour collection, injection and reinjection systems;
  • Design, production, installation and commissioning of PLC & MCC Drive panels;
  • Design, production, installation of all Medium Voltage cubicles and Low Voltage panels according with the plant’s characteristics;
  • Designing of all systems and cable lines in accordance with Ministry of Energy’s rules and standards;
  • Cabling, cable channels and cable trays.

Additional services for other types of energy power stations:

  • Projecting, engineering, production, installation and commissioning of transformer plants, Medium Voltage systems,
  • LV Distribution and Compensation Panels.