Data Tracing Systems

Data, taken from distributed I/O modules, field operator panels and other automation systems and transferred to alike systems, are arranged on SCADA screen with functions of display, formula reporting & archiving of the necessary information. If requested, the data analysis can be performed graphically. Besides, solutions with special options and software can be found for […]

HMI Scada and OP Applications

We offer many alternatives of Siemens brand for one of the most fundamental elements of an automation system – man-machine interface. In automation systems in control rooms, considered as main centres, redundant server/client structures can be installed both with industrial PC and with some cheaper solution. Besides, remote users can be connected with the main […]

Distributed IQ Systems

Distributed Input/Output modules are often used in plants without central management and mechanical sequencing. In local plants, after collecting all data from motor accessories, local boxes & field instruments panels, consisted of I/Q modules are made. These modules are intercommunicate with main PLC (CPU) through Profibus of Profinet lines. Depending on the distance or route […]

PLC Systems

Since its foundation “EGESIM” has dealt with all kinds of industrial automation; we have successfully realized specific automation projects in Energy, Paper, Iron & Steel, Cement, Mining and many other industries. According to the needs of the sector and the project, we choose the most optimum products, by this we both provide necessary for processes […]